Hi, I’m Asuka!

I’m the Guardian of Air and here are some interesting facts about me:

My power: I am the voice of nature and I can communicate with animals and plants through thought. I know all the languages of the earth and forms of expression.

My favourite colour: My favourite colours are mauve and purple, which I use to decorate my wind instruments.

My pet: Quinde is my little friend, a colourful and free hummingbird that flaps its wings, defying the fiercest wind and dancing on the days when there is a gentle breeze. I adore him and we both have great fun together.

My personality: I’m mysterious and thoughtful; I’m the melody from my flute as the day comes to an end; the rush of violet dancing among the kites when I enjoy a day at the beach with Gaia, Naida and Aura. The force of all the winds lies in my delicateness.

I like to experiment with arts and crafts, learn to play new instruments and the sound of wind chimes when they move in windows or doors.

Interesting fact: If you see soap bubbles while walking in a park, look around you, Quinde and I are probably not far away.

Asuka brings together her friends for parties to celebrate the change of seasons. To the sound of beautiful melodies from wind instruments they all dance and have fun.

She is the whirlwind that moves us, but also the breeze that calms us. If a shiver makes your hairs stand on end, you notice a soft aroma of wind and a whisper, in the form of thoughts, overcomes you, it’s her.

Asuka is near. Can you feel her?