Nature Friends Values

The Nature Friends universe gives girls over the age of 7 the perfect setting, combining aesthetics, well-being and environmental values.

We offer a wide range of activities to foster the imagination and creativity of young girls. A hobby that will immerse them in a universe of art, friendship and the protection of our planet. 

One of the things that children find most difficult, even more so due to the excess of activities that they take part in, is to achieve full concentration. Arts and crafts encourage patience, perseverance and the power to focus on the different steps needed to finish a specific task.

Engaging in an artistic activity, combined with the messages spread by our Guardians of the Elements, will introduce young girls into a world of art and relaxation, besides fostering their creativity and self-esteem.

Our Guardians of the Elements, Gaia, Naida, Asuka and Aura, seek to instil love for nature and animals, as well as the importance of protecting our planet.

Discover their stories and enter the Nature Friends universe to enjoy a unique experience, full of arts and crafts.