Hi, I’m Aura!

I’m the Guardian of Fire and here are some interesting facts about me:

My power: I travel within books, I can actually enter the places and stories of everything that I read. Just like fire, words have the gift of transformation. I’m the conversation that can’t wait until tomorrow, the look that hears you, a welcoming hand, the silence that accompanies you.

My favourite colour: The colour of fire and golden tones. My hair is the colour of fire, with golden tones that look like fluttering flames.

My pet: Kira is my little cat, whose very affectionate. She spends hours in front of the chimney next to the embers of the fire.

My personality: I’m intelligent and applied. When I’m passionate about something, my endless energy leads me to dedicate myself to it almost completely. Time stands still for me when I’m at the library, it’s my special moment.

Sparks of light come and go around me when I’m happy. I immerse myself in adventures through books and the beautiful illustrations feed my creativity.

Interesting fact: I collect beautiful words: serendipity, aurora, ethereal, ephemeral, iridescence… Do you know any beautiful words?

With her warmth, Aura is the friend who shelters you from the cold, protecting your soul from the snow with her words. During storms of sorrow, a cup of tea; a universe of stories, tales and laughter, so much laughter.

At night she writes in her secret diary, the playful words move around, they huddle together, they dance, they laugh and when they return to their correct order, nothing is the same. In the morning, in the light of the day, everything seems different…

Has that ever happened to you?