Hi, I’m Naida!

I’m the Guardian of Water and here are some interesting facts about me:

My power: I can travel through water, whether an ocean, a river or even raindrops, through which I rise up to the clouds.

My favourite colour: Blue, sky blue, turquoise, lapis lazuli and indigo. In general, all tones of blue.

My pet: Among the corals of an endangered marine habitat, I found a badly injured seahorse. I cared for him and healed him. Since then, Hippos is always by my side when I visit the ocean.

My personality: I travel whenever I can, to pursue my thirst for discovering new places and friends. My intuition is my compass and map. I know that this type of travel implies making constant decisions, discovery, amazement and also sometimes deception. I decide my path.

I love the sea and all the beings that live within; I worry about the suffering caused to marine animals by polluted waves with floating nets and microplastics. 

Interesting fact: When I was little, I would often make paper boats that I would decorate with water colours before setting them afloat in the stream. I always wondered which new places I would discover and which new friends I would make… That was how my love of travelling came to be.

Every time you see your reflection in the water, really look at your beauty. Naida will act as a mirror to show you your greatness. She travels through flowing water, seas, rivers and rain, seeking to discover all the beautiful beings and places that exist on earth.

On rainy days, when you can’t see clearly through the curtain of water, close your eyes, listen to how it falls, breathe in its smell as it hits the ground, feel the touch of the water within you… That is how you can connect with Naida! 

Now you will see the water clearly, paths that will lead you to journeys; journeys through which you will piece together your own maps; maps that will gradually fill in the travel journals that are part of your own story.

Have you already met Naida?