Hi, I’m Gaia!

I’m the Guardian of Earth and here are some interesting facts about me:

My power: I can transform into any animal or plant; I simply have to close my eyes and think about it. I like to change my appearance and clothes.

My favourite colour: The colours of the earth, the greens of plants, the colours of flowers. I don’t have just one favourite colour.

My pet: Leaf, a mischievous squirrel, is always by my side.

My personality: I’m creative and very inquisitive, helping me to continually learn new things. I love to be surrounded by my friends and animals.

I spend a lot of time trying new art techniques. I often sit on tree branches and draw inspiration from the shapes and colours of nature, while Leaf runs alongside me jumping from branch to branch. The most special moment of the day for me is when I play with my pet and hug him.

Interesting fact: All the plastic arts make me happy, especially painting mandalas while I listen to my favourite music.

Wherever there are trees is where her home is. If you want to find her, follow the path that smells of wet earth. A tree is always her home; you’ll know when you find it. The green door will lead you inside, where Gaia truly feels rooted in life.

But don’t expect to always find her in her human form; you may find a deer, a rabbit, a beautiful butterfly or maybe one day she will be the flower that opens up as you pass by.

She is the most creative and rational. Gaia will instil us with her love for nature, the art of decorating elements, creating, designing and painting mandalas.

Every time you breathe in the smell of the earth, you will know that she is near, look around you and think…

Who might Gaia be between everything you see?